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02/10/10 10:40 AM #1    

Bill York

Welcome to the Tascosa High School Class Of 1970 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/14/10 05:39 PM #2    

Rusty Cary

Never mind, messages are in the message center. Is there a way to show new messages on that page? Just wondering. I did get an email notification. This is a great site and I hope all of us appreciate all the hard work Bill York has put in to keep us in touch and informed as to the happenings of our Tascosa classmates. You have out did yourself, Bill; you're the best!!!

02/16/10 08:18 AM #3    

Bill York

Amarillo High School

02/16/10 08:49 PM #4    

Wilfred Kidd

I do remember that fire. Was standing there watching it.

03/02/10 11:48 PM #5    

Randy Newby

I remember when John Lewis called and said AHS was on fire. I think i said "and". Well we went to help anyway.
Remeber the slogan...AHS to ASH, it was funny then but sad also. I had alot of friends that went to AHS.

04/09/10 07:29 PM #6    

Hylasue Reynolds (Howington)

Thank you all for doing what you to do keep everyone connected. Hope you have fun. Be safe, enjoy!

04/13/10 05:09 PM #7    

Kathy Hopkins (Rock)

I just finished reading all the In Memory messages. I am amazed by several, how many of the class are gone. Two, the wonderful, caring, thoughtful messages that were left by many of you. Isn't it wonderful that friendships can begin in elementary, or jr. high, or high school and be woven through time for decades? There are some friends that you keep in touch with always, and some that come in and out of your life as the years go by. Whoever thought back in the late 60's about 2010 and where we'd be and what we'd be doing. We were worried about who was popular, football, boys/girls, Stanleys, curfew.....things that seemed so important then are barely a blip on the screen now. We grew up!
After reading the In Memory messages I have to say that I am so proud of this group.
Thanks for letting me ramble.
Kathy Hopkins Rock

05/28/10 11:57 AM #8    

Bobbi Spooner (Larson)

I  messed up my message.  Here it is again---

Who was the greatest rock-n-roll drummer, Ginger Baker or John Bonham?  I am firmly in the Ginger Baker camp.  Watch the youtube video Cream - Toad (w/ Extended Drum Solo) .  Don't answer this message until you've seen it!  He was 66 when they did this concert at the Albert Hall.

What will you be doing when you're 66??


05/28/10 12:10 PM #9    

Bobbi Spooner (Larson)


I love the fact that Clapton and Bruce take off their guitars and walk off-stage to let Ginger just wail!

And that he's wearing an obviously-brand-new Cream teeshirt.

Bobbi again

06/05/10 11:25 AM #10    

Sherral Tacquard (Bell)


From: Brenda Box

Hello Rebel Friends! Altho' the Texas GOP Convention is, of course, the exact same date as our Reunion, I would like to meet as many friends as possible at the Big Texan BRUNCH on SUNDAY morning. Is anyone gonna still be there? Please let me hear from all my BEST BUDDIES!! Thanks so much! ~bb 

06/08/10 01:02 PM #11    

Bobbi Spooner (Larson)

Okay, guys, have a good time.  Don't do anything I wouldn't do.  Which means you can have a drink, smoke a joint, drop something, or kiss someone passionately.  Just don't eat 5 lbs. of steak in my name.  Don't let me catch you on that live web-cam!


06/14/10 01:53 PM #12    

Philip Tuttle



Great job on the reunion.  Had a wonderful time.  Well done to all involved in the planning and execution, especially the memorial presentation for our class mates that have passed.  Again, well done to all. 

06/15/10 10:33 AM #13    

Randye Campbell (McAnally)

The reunion was wonderful and thanks to all of the people who had a hand in the planning.  I am still hoarse after talking nonstop for 3 days and I think my husband is enjoying the "quiet"!  Looking forward to next year in Houston!


06/15/10 10:39 AM #14    

Janie Hegedus (Alvarez)

Hello Everyone,

I was unable to make the reunion but I would really like to see some photos and comments about it.

I heard it was really great. 

Will there be another one sooner than 10 years?????


06/15/10 11:43 AM #15    

Sherral Tacquard (Bell)

Janie -

The next reunions are as follows:

2011 - Houston - Scott Cornwell will host

2012 - Austin - Debbie Davis Mincher

2013 - Lubbock - Randy Christian

2014 - Dallas - Robbie Lara Patterson

2015 - Amarillo - Bill York

2016 - 2019?

2020 - Planning a cruise

Go to Facebook for pictures.  Several people are posting them. (Vicki Nelson Barringer, Rick Lawhon(Marilyn Mize), Bill York, and I think a few others.

Some classmates have posted them here on their profiles.

Caroline Dyson Ware has posted pictures on snapfish:;jsessionid=24A136163CACD38576A31A5941ED269D

The photographer has the pics on his website for a limited time.  PW: rebels

06/15/10 04:18 PM #16    

Rusty Cary

Bill, our classmates and I cannot thank you enough for the countless hours and dedication you have put into making our 40th reunion the most wonderful time ever. You have brought our class together through facebook and the Tascosa The memorial slide show of our classmates, called home by God, brought  buckets of tears to our eyes and their spirit filled all our hearts. I know this reunion was a labor of love to our class... from the 1970 Class of Tascosa High School, "We love you, Bill, thank you!"   

08/24/14 05:17 PM #17    

Jane Burruss (Burruss)

Jodie Wayne Burris from our class cannot make our mini reunion in late September that we hope many of you will come to from the area & beyond. Jodie will be in the Dallas area October 1 and we are planning to meet whomever is interested for dinner - let me know if you want to come.

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